Conference site

The conference DGfS 2017 will be held in the buildings B 4.1 (Workshops 5-13), B 3.2 (Workshop 1) and B 3.1 (Workshops 2-4). All three buildings are within a few minutes walking distance to the bus stop “Universität Campus” (see the adjoined map).

campusplan-farbeThe conference rooms are in buildings B 3.1, B 3.2 and B 4.1 and are all handicap accessible. Please consult the adjoined map for the location of handicap entrances, restrooms, parking lots. The walk to the dining hall (Mensa) is seemingly handicap accessible. The map is available on the inside back cover of the conference booklet as well.

Copying/printing: In case you need to print or copy handouts, you can do so at the “Fotostelle” located in the university library (SULB) in building B 1.1.

Conference office (Tagungsbüro)

First aid: In case of emergencies, there is a contact person available in the conference office (B 4.1, 0.21). In all other cases, the conference staff can request aid by phone.

Luggage: Luggage may be stored in the conference office during the conference.

Child care: We offer child care during the conference. Please contact the local organizers in advance for details.


Building plans

Audimax B3-Raumplan










Eating and drinking on campus

The campus offers a variety of options for lunch, coffee or snacks. Please consult the attached map for the locations.

  • Mensa (Dining hall) (D 4.1): Different dishes (at least one vegetarian), side dishes, salad bar, dessert bar (11:30 – 14:15). Please find some advices on eating in the dining hall in this pdf document (English version below).
  • Mensacafé (D 4.1): Different dishes (at least one vegetarian), dessert, cake, coffee (all-day)
  • Canossa (D 4.1): Italian food (vegetarian options, all-day)
  • AC Ausländer Café (A 3.2): Different dishes (vegetarian options), dessert, cake, coffee (all-day)
  • Fast Food Heroes (C 5.5): Burgers, sausages, french fries (vegetarian options, all-day)
  • Uni-Markt (C 5.5): Supermarket with pastry section, sandwiches, salads, fruit
  • Philo-Café (C 5.2): Persian food (vegetarian/vegan options, all-day)
  • Sportlertreff (“Sportlermensa”, Hermann-Neuberger-Sportschule 4): Small selection of dishes for lunch (including a vegetarian option)
  • Stuhlsatzenhaus (after E 7.1): traditional food from Saarland (from 11:00 on)
  • Juristen-Café (B 4.4): sandwiches, snacks, coffee (7:30 – 15:00)
  • Café Unique (A 4.3): sandwiches, pastry, coffee, drinks
  • Starbooks Coffee (B 1.1, SULB): coffee, snacks
  • iCoffee (E 1.2): sandwiches, snacks, coffee (all-day)